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Remarkable advances in information technology (IT), while offering tremendous benefits, have also created significant and unprecedented risks to organizational operations. Government and commercial entities depend heavily on information systems (IS) security measures to avoid data tampering, fraud, inappropriate access to and disclosure of sensitive information, and disruptions in critical operations. These risks are expected to only continue to escalate as wireless and other technologies emerge. Falkland Group can evaluate IS security and offer recommendations for reducing the security risk to an acceptably low level. Further, the growing importance of IT in performing daily operational activities, along with the elimination of paper-based evidence and audit trails, demands that organizations consider the effectiveness of IT controls during the course of performance. Falkland Group, Inc. maintains the appropriate resources and skill sets and accomplishes this challenge in an era of rapid evolution and deployment of new information technology. Likewise, we take stock of client organizations and capabilities to ensure that strategies exist for continued team development and enhancement.

A recent survey conducted found that security was the biggest single concern of business owners. This concern is against a backdrop of increasing spam, viruses, trojans, and the success of many criminals to steal, hack, or destroy data. This can cause routine disruption. However, it is unlikely that the information assets or web presence of the average business will be directly targeted by script kiddies or hacktivists. An increasingly likely risk is that the business's computers will be hijacked by criminals in order to carry out wider ranging attacks against big business. Whatever the motive, there is potential for disruption and damage to both large and small business. According to figures the average cost of the most serious security incident was $20,000. Among large companies, this cost rose to $240,000. In some companies, the operational disruption caused by the incident was felt for up to a month.

The Falkland Group provides the experience and the commitment to provide your business with the most up tot date vulnerability analysis tools and methodologies. Our business is to secure your business. The Falkland Group provides physical, technical, and procedural vulnerability assessments and support.

The Falkland Group specializes in the formulation of Organizational Security Policy, performing Risk Assessments (DIACAP, HIPAA, FISMA, NIST), Security Program Planning, and Security Education and Awareness Training.

Meet Leigh Ann Hurd, the CEO of the Falkland Group and Head of the Information Assurance Division. Ms. Hurd brings 10 years of experience in the Military, Federal and commercial sectors of information assurance. Her drive and determination to succeed are evident in every assignment the Falkland Group executes.

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